Joël Leclerc

I'm a software developer based in Victoria, BC.

My email: (Click to show - anti-spam measure)

Listed below are some of my current projects:

Saint-themed Scavenger Hunt Activity

Example cards:

I created a set of scavenger hunt activities that follow the lives of 6 saints (3 male, 3 female), each with unique personalities.

The activities are inspired by the interactive storytelling of video games - but in real life! Please see the cards on the right for examples.

Each saint package comes with 3-4 activity cards, 6-10 object cutouts, and a prayer card.

The packages are all free. Any feedback would be much appreciated, as I plan to add more saints in the future.


All-in-one package (includes all saints below)


  1. Print and cut out the saint cards and the objects.
  2. Hide the cut-out objects around the room (or activity space).
  3. When it's time to start the activity, read out the story section of the card.
    • If you want to show the card as you read it, consider covering the "Find N objects" section until you have finished reading out the card.
  4. Show the card to the participants as you explain what they must find.
  5. Once they have found all the objects, move on to the next card. Each card is numbered in the top right corner.
  6. The last card for each Saint will contain a quiz instead of a list of objects.
    • You may need to gauge whether or not the questions are too hard for the participants, as they are primarily memory-based.

Parental Controls/Safety Filter for the Internet

I'm currently developing a safety filter for the internet, primarily targeted towards parents.

Most parental control software protect their users by blocking entire websites. While this is certainly better than nothing, there are many cases where problematic content can come through websites that would normally be fine. For example, a social media website like YouTube can contain objectionable content, but blocking the website entirely is not always an option for many parents.

The tool I'm developing solves this by providing an option to analyze and filter content within websites, without needing to block the entire website.

Using custom-trained machine learning models, it will block user-specified topics (such as violence, politics, various anti-Catholic points of views, etc.) on any website that is visited. Though this is still under development, some topics already achieve a >99.95% detection rate.

Users' privacy is fully respected. All the content analysis/filtering work is done entirely on a device you own - nothing is sent elsewhere.

Please contact me if you're interested, I expect to have a first version available soon.